Announcing a litter in march 2016
Uriel Unicus Taien, HDA ED0 MDR +/+
JChampon of Serbia, Champion of Serbia, EDS 2014 Excellent
1xBOG2, 1xBOG3, 3xBOB, 1xCACIB, 3xCAC      

Very beautiful topline, noble head, excellent set ears and exceptional pigmentation
Very playful and always in action
father:  Gringo of White Finess,HDB ED0,MDR+/+ IPO3 AU Ch.
mother:  Chantal Taien,HDA ED0,MDR+/+DMn/n,ZOP,ZZO BBI World Winner
HanSolo von Tirol - HDA,ED0/0,DM N/N,MDR +/+
Derby Winner, Champion of Serbia , EDS 2014 Excellent
6x BOB, 4xCACIB, 7xCAC, 5xCAJC
excellent proportions , very good bone structure, excellent movement, short hair, height 64,5cm
perfect head with excellent pigmentation
powerful, dominant, very active
Thanks to our dear friend Dana Oprea for beautiful Solo!
Father: Bandit von Tirol HD - fast normal, ED 0/0, MDR +/+
Mother: Lady von Markischen Oderland HD normal, ED frei, MDR +/+, BH